Check Ins

The TTCAL community on The Bump is a wonderful place full of amazing women who have a ton of knowledge and support to share. Once you’ve posted an introduction on the main board, feel free to join a few check ins! Check ins are a great way to get to know members of the community better. Below is a list of the TTCAL community check-in, their frequency and a small description.

Monthly Check-ins

EDD check-ins are run once per week. These check-ins are specifically designed for ladies to get to know other bumpies with EDDs in the same month.When you are ready, please intro in the check-in that applies to you so that the check-in leader can add you to the list. If you are looking to add a badge to your siggy please go here to find the appropriate one.

If/when you get a BFP please PM (private message) your check-in leader and do not post your BFP publicly for the other members to see. BFPs are very difficult to see and check-in leaders take the necessary steps to warn the other members of a new graduate and minimize any hurt that could potentially come from this.

  • January Snowflakes
  • Lost February Love Bugs
  • Our March Memories
  • April Momma’s
  • May Flowers
  • Junebugs Check-in
  • July Sparklers
  • August Angels
  • September Sapphire’s
  • October Angel Mamma’s
  • November Angels
  • December Angels

Other Check-ins

TTCAL Newbie Check In:

Run weekly, this is a checkin for newer members of the TTCAL Board.  Please feel free to introduce yourself use this space to ask those “newbie” questions that feel intimidating to ask on the main board, the check in leader will try her best to get you an answer.

Multiple Loss Ladies:

Run once per week, MLL check-in is designed specifically for ladies who have had multiple losses.

Crazy Train:

Run every day, the Crazy train is the go-to place to complain, obsess and get some support during your cycle whether your actively TTC or not! Whether you’re waiting to O, waiting for AF or in your 2ww and waiting to test, the crazy train conductors are around to shed some valuable information and knowledge with you! Please note: if you are looking for insight into your chart, please include a link to your FF chart in your post or siggy. It is impossible to know what’s going on with your cycle without it.

Ladies in Waiting:

Run once per week, this is a group designed for all the ladies in the various stages of waiting after a loss: waiting to miscarry, waiting for AF to arrive, waiting to TTC again, and waiting for a BFP. Since this process is such a true test in patience, it is nice to have the support and friendship of other women going through similar experiences and emotions.

TTA Check-In:

Run once per week, this check-in is for anyone who is TTA, no matter for how long.

Throat Punch Check-In:

Run daily! Having a particularly bad day? let us know about it here!

Bible Study Check-In:

This Bible Study and check-in runs 3 times a week (MWF). If you’re new, just hop in!

Tip O’ The Hat Tuesday

Run weekly and Inspired by Stephen Colbert, this is a weekly thread to call out people, things, events, whatever strikes your fancy, that you want to tip your hat to. Can be bump related or not.

Healthy Living Ladies

Runs on Mondays and Wednesdays! A group of women who are striving to live healthier lives, whether that means losing weight, gaining weight, sticking to a specific diet, counting calories, avoiding counting calories, starting to exercise, continuing to exercise, or anything in between.

Furbaby Fridays

Run every Friday! Show of your pets to the community!

Special Hugs

Run weekly, this thread is to give those ladies facing their EDD and loss dates this week some extra love and hugs. If you would like to be added to the list please contact the leader!

AMA Check-In

Run weekly, this is a check-in designed for those that are AMA (35+) and dealing with that added challenge in their TTCAL journeys. Please feel free to share your insights, vents, thoughts, and anything else.

IF Check-In

This is the weekly check-in for TTCALers who are also dealing with infertility.


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