You know you’re TTC when….

One night on TTCAL, the ladies and myself made a list of how you know when you’re TTC…here’s what we came up with.

You know you’re TTC when…’re actually dreading FWP tonight have absolutely no idea what the date is, but you know exactly what CD or DPO you are have to hold your pee for 3 hours to test
..when the most action you get (other than FWP) is checking your CM…daily’re constantly calculating your EDD based on time of O, and you don’t need a calender carry around OPKs in your pocket and wait for 2 PM’ve gotten *really* good at fingering yourself
..when you schedule events based around peak O times don’t drink after 9 PM because you want really great test pee for a 2 PM OPK
..when you are pissed with DH and make up with him just in time for FWP…where any other time you’d be holding a grudge and not giving him any! constantly feel yourself up to see if there are any twinges or pain measure time by cycles or by how many weeks you would have been pregnant at the time check the price of HPTs every time you’re at a store
..You get excited about CM and have to avoid telling people about when you finally see those EWs! inadvertently grab your boobs at work for a quick tenderness check and enough people notice you start to get a few eyebrows raised
..your co-workers know when it’s your 2ww because you won’t work out with them
..when your friends figure out you’re on 2ww because you won’t drink with them. cannot wait to get up in the morning to temp and once you do, you can’t go back to sleep because you are analyzing you patterns on FF
..When you read ETC as TTC and pom as porn
..when you are chatting online with someone and using bump abbreviations with them…and they aren’t on the bump
..when you don’t have to look or focus to POAS
..when you schedule sex a week in advance down to the time of day
..when you take an OPK at the stalls at work and wait the 5 minutes for the results
..when DH starts to tell others about your FWP
..DH understands what FWP, CD, DPO, OPK, HPT, EWCM, AF, CBEFM, BFP, BFN, EOD, and TTCAL all mean
..when you POAS much too early in your cycle and still throughout the week check it to see if it mysteriously changed to positive
..when you have a calender with bunny stickers on it for the days you need some action, and DH regularly checks the calender

Hope you enjoyed, and you can probably relate! Thanks CashewsMommy for starting this and to the rest of the TTCAL ladies for contributing.