Mothers [of Angels] Day – Elfster Gift Exchange

Elfster is a secret santa gift exchange. We’ve done them in the past here on TTCAL, and it becomes a lot of fun. So why not do one for Mothers Day!? If you’d like to join, please follow the directions below.

Here’s the details for those new to Elfster:

Sign-up before Friday, April 8th (I’ll post multiple reminders in the evening, too).

To sign-up click on the link below and follow the instructions. When you sign up be sure to include somewhere your bump screen name to help your elfster identify you.

After the sign-up deadline, Elfster will randomly assign you an elfster buddy and notify you via email of their name and a mailing address.

You will be able ask (anonymously) your person any questions that may help in selecting the right gift.

As for the gift – I put a $20 suggested limit on this one but am open if you guys want to change it. I was thinking a card, Hallmark-ish plaque, bookmark, etc… just something that recognizes and honors them as mothers.

And most importantly – remember to get the gift in the mail so it arrives before Mother’s Day – May 8th.

We’ll set our reveal date for Monday, May 9th!