Why are they so mean!?

We’re not mean. Really. We swear. We’re protective with guarded hearts.

There have bee a few events lately that have lead to deleting of posts, rude things being said to other posters and a lot of hurt feelings in general.

That’s why this blog is here. That is why this exists, to keep feelings from being hurt and joy and happiness to remain on the board.

First off, please remember the description of the board:

If you have suffered a loss, you can also visit our Pregnancy Loss board. If you are pregnant after a loss, please visit Pregnant After a Loss.

What does that mean exactly? That means that if you think you’re pregnant, you’re pregnant but not hopeful (unconfirmed) or are wanting to know how quickly someone got pregnant, or anything along any of those lines, Pregnant After A Loss is for you.

On Trying To Conceive After A Loss no one is pregnant, everyone wants to be and everyone has suffered a loss. There are some who are trying to not get pregnant for a while due to varying factors, but they know they will start to try again. They are on the board as well.

Everyone is there for one reason. Support.

Support must be given to be gotten. Make an introduction, get to know a few others, join in the random check-ins or book club. Please, please please, remember to make an intro, remember to keep pregnancies on Pregnant After A Loss and remember to be supportive.

Miscarriage/Pregnancy Loss Board

Trying To Conceive After A Loss Board

Pregnant After A Loss Board