Playing Catch up!

First– Lets do the Mix Up The Meal Recipe! I think we can come up with some fantastic meals with………PEARS!

No, I’m not asking you to cook a gourmet meal with 5 courses and be all decked out, just find a good fun way to use an ingredient, be it a lot or a little. Each week, there will be a new ingredient. Every Friday, we’ll go over what was created and how it tasted and you can even throw in a picture if you’d like!

There are different flavors and makes of this great product, so do some browsing on Google,, or Either way, you’ll be good to go! Desserts are welcome as well! Just remember, get creative!

Second– Later today, the OPK comparison post will be coming out. There’s a TON of information to put together, thats part of why it’s taken so long to come out.

Finally– Don’t forget about the Mothers Day Gift Exchange. Names will be drawn on the 9th. No more entries after the 8th!

Here is the link if you need it: TTCAL Mothers Day Gift Exchange